Positive, trust-based training to help build your bond and get long lasting results. 

Got a new puppy and not sure where to start? Need your dog to come back when called, or sit nicely on the tube? Maybe you've got a rescue in need of a confidence boost?

Whether it's getting to grips with the basics, learning new skills or working through tougher behavioural issues, Leila can cater services to suit you and your dog, using effective methods that promote trust and strengthen relationships. 

Take a look at our services below, or get in touch if you have any Q's! 



Puppy Training

1:1 puppy training in your home + local area.

Setting your puppy up for success from the start is the best way to get maximum enjoyment from them and develop meaningful relationships with your new companions that will really last.

Building trust and life skills is the most important thing for a young pup and we aim to do this by teaching you how to understand your puppy, as well as working on the vital training basics such as socialisation, toilet training, sleeping through the night / crate training, separation and coming when called.

Ideally we like to get to you before puppy does, but otherwise the sooner the better!

  • 3x Sessions - £265
  • 5x Sessions - £435
  • Single sessions charged at £90
  • Pre-Puppy sessions available to prepare in advance!

Don't hesitate to contact us with any further questions using our contact page or directly via email at woof@huxleyhooch.com




1:1 dog training in your home + local area. 

With sessions planned completely to the needs and lifestyle of you and your dog, our one-to-one training service can help set up or improve desired behaviours through the use of positive, ethical and evidence based training methods. As well as providing your dog with key life skills, these sessions aim to strengthen the relationship you share and help you to understand one another better, while reaching any goals you may have. 

Two session minimum for new clients.

  • 2x Sessions - £178
  • 3x Sessions - £265
  • 5x Sessions - £435
  • Single sessions charged at £90

Currently available as remote sessions or in outdoor spaces, or as a combination of the two!

If your dog requires more complex behavioural changes, please ask us for a quote directly as prices for this may vary.

Don't hesitate to contact us with any further questions using our contact page or directly via email at woof@huxleyhooch.com


Remote Dog Training


Sessions are held via Zoom / Skype / FaceTime, with detailed notes and short video clips sent afterwards where necessary to ensure you are still receiving as much support as you would in person. 

This service is suitable for the vast majority of dogs and works just like the training services listed below, but you can stay in your pyjamas! 

Remote sessions are available with or without pandemic restrictions and are a preferred option for dealing with separation related issues or dogs who may be uncomfortable with new people or too much stimulation. 

If your dog requires more complex behavioural changes, please ask us for a quote directly as prices for this may vary.


Behaviour Consultat-ion

For some behaviours, a detailed behavioural consultation and plan will be necessary prior to training sessions. These can then be followed up with training sessions as part of the behaviour modification process, and can be adapted to meet the needs of your dog as they progress. 

Behavioural consultations are generally an hour but can last up to two for more complex behaviours. They are followed up with a report of the behaviours, as well as the initial plan and exercises where necessary. 

Leila follows  a holistic approach with behaviour modification, which essentially just means looking at all the potential factors (diet, overall health, history, environment etc.) in order to create the greatest chance of success for your dog long term.

Please be aware that you will be asked to book in a full vet check prior to beginning the behaviour modification process.

  • Initial consultation - £130
  • Initial consultation + training session follow up - £210
  • Further training sessions - £90 p/h


Dog Training Walks

Location restrictions may apply.

A walk / training hybrid focussing on improving specific behaviours. 

Following an initial consultation (and/or referral from a behaviourist), your dog will receive solo walks with a focus on their training plan throughout. Working best as a regular service, you will receive updates and advice so that your dog has consistency and can continue to improve with your own work too. Ideal for dogs who require a little more than a dog walker can offer, for example those with reactivity issues or even just to improve behaviours on lead / recall. 

For some dogs and behaviours, an hours training walk may be too much, so cost reflects up to 1 hour - length of session will be discussed with you further when booking.




Leila is based near Blackhorse Road / Walthamstow (North East London) and can provide in-person dog training services in East London. 

Primary areas include Walthamstow (E17), Leyton (E10), Leytonstone (E11), Clapton (E5), Hackney (E8) + surrounding, however do get in touch regardless of distance and we will see how we can help!

Family Paws services available across London + remotely. 

Remote sessions are available internationally.


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