Member of:

UK Dog Charter



The Pet Professional Guild

PPN (Pet Professional Network)

Family Paws Parent Education

Sarah Whitehead's Inner Circle

Certificates, Qualifications + Recent CPD

Qualified Trainer (IMDT) 

Qualified Behaviour Practitioner (IMDTB)

Principles of Dog Training + Behaviour (Level 3) - IMDT

Advanced Canine Behaviour Diploma (Level 4)

Working with Canine Behaviour: Analysis + Application (Level 5) - IMDTB

Licensed Family Paws Parent Educator

Canine Anxiety  - Canine Principles

Separation Anxiety - IMDTB

Treating Separation Anxiety (Nancy Tucker)

IMDTB Resource Guarding - IMDTB

Modifying Resource Guarding Behaviour (Michael Shikashio)

Dogs and Children - Canine Principles

Dogs and Kids - IMDT

Case Studies - IMDTB

Perfect Puppy - IMDT

Puppy Lab - The School of Canine Science

The Exercises: Foundation to Advanced - IMDT

Think Dog! Practical with Sarah Whitehead 

Behaviourism 101 - The School of Canine Science 

The Art of Consultation  - The School of Canine Science

Sex, Hormones + Neutering - Sarah Whitehead

15 Shades of Play - Sarah Whitehead 

Interactive Play - Craig Ogilvie 

The Dog Rescuers Guide - Canine Principles 

Easy Walks with your Reactive Dog - Canine Principles 

30 Days of Canine Science - The School of Canine Science 

Canine Cognitive Dysfunction - IMDT

Red Flag Behaviours: Canine Emotional Health - IMDT

Nutrition + Behaviour - The School of Canine Science

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